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Southgate Light Bites

Garlic Mushrooms Bread-crumbed Served with a pepper ranch sauce 4.95

Pate of the Day Served with fresh toasted bread and red onion chutney 4.95

Beer and Cheese Croquettes Served on a salad bed with tomato chutney 4.95

Ham, Egg, Chips 5.95

All Day Brunch 5.95

Southgate Handmade Burgers

Flame grilled burger served in a bun with Salad garnish

¼ lb Southgate Steak Burger 4.40

½ lb Southgate Steak Burger 5.90

Lamb & Mint Burger 4.50

Pork & Apple Burger 4.50

Southgate Handmade Deluxe Burgers

Served in a bun with Salad and Coleslaw Garnish

Southgate 8oz Steak Cheese & Bacon Burger bacon, Monterrey jack cheese 7.00

Beef & Chorizo Burger served with Mac & Cheese 5.00

London Burger
80z Steak Burger topped with a fried egg, bacon and a hint of Worcester sauce 7.00

Aussie Burger
8oz Steak Burger topped with fried egg, grilled pineapple and beetroot 7.00

Southgate Handmade Stuffed Burgers

Served in a bun with Coleslaw and Salad Garnish

Southgate 8oz Steak Burger Stuffed with:

Cheddar 6.40

Brie 6.50

Smoked Cheese 6.50

Hot Chilli Cheese 6.70

Southgate Steaks

Flame grilled served with chips, onion rings, coleslaw and salad or peas

6oz Rump Steak 9.95

10oz Rump Steak 13.50

8oz Sirloin Steak 15.50

16oz T-Bone Steak 22.50

Gammon, Egg, Chips 8.95

Southgate Flame Grilled Butterfly Chicken Breast

Served With: Choice of (1) Chips, New Potatoes, Mash, Griddled new potatoes

Choice of (1) Salad, Peas, Mixed Vegetables

Just Plain 10.00

Piri Piri Chicken 10.90

Peppercorn Chicken 10.90

Hunters Chicken 11.50

Topped with bacon, cheese, Southgate BBQ sauce

Southgate Meat-Free

¼ lb Falafel & Spinach burger Served in a bun with Coleslaw and Salad Garnish 4.40

¼ lb Luxury Vegetable Super Burger served with Coleslaw and Salad Garnish 4.40

Spicy Bean Burger served with Coleslaw and Salad Garnish 4.40

Goats Cheese Salad served with a Balsamic Dressing & Toasted Bread 6.95

Southgate Sides

Sweet Potato Fries 3.50

Peppercorn Sauce 2.00

BBQ Sauce 2.00

Mushroom Sauce 2.00

Add Chips 2.50

Add Cheese 0.50

Garlic Bread (1 Slice) 2.00

Mac & Cheese 2.75

Onion Rings (6) 1.50

Onion Rings (12) 2.80